How to Find the Correct Shade of Concealer and Foundation?

The secret to flawless and natural-looking makeup lies in the right shade selection of the foundation and concealer you use. If you’re a beginner at makeup, this might be hard for you, but luckily this guide will save your day and make your makeup look like a second layer of skin. 

How to Find the Correct Shade of Concealer and Foundation?

What’s your Complexion? 

Before diving into face undertones, figuring out your complexion is more important. Doing this will filter out the undertone details for you, and it will be much easier and less time-consuming to find a concealer and foundation fit for your skin tone. You can figure out your complexion/skin color by looking in the mirror in a naturally lit environment. You can do it outdoors or near a window, where there is no artificial lighting.

You have a:

  • Fair skin tone if your complexion is milky or beige.
  • Warm skin tone if your complexion is a more peachy and yellow color.
  • Dark/deep skin tone, if the color of your skin is similar to that of milk chocolate or even darker.

To find your exact skin tone, focus on the jawline or the upper part of your neck because that is the most consistent color of your skin.

Know your Skin’s Undertone: Skin undertones differ from complexions and skin colors. Undertone is the hue on the surface of the skin. There are three undertones of the skin, namely:

  • cool undertone is a hue that makes your skin look bright in natural light. Your veins underneath the skin might appear purple/blue, and you will look best if you wear bright colors, like vibrant reds and pinks, that make your skin pop.
  • warm undertone is a hue that gives your skin a golden or tanned appearance. Your veins will appear green in natural light, so your complexion will complement beautifully with warmer and more subtle colors.
  • neutral undertone is a liaison between a warm and cool undertone. It’s hard to tell whether your veins are a certain color, and the best-described complexion for your skin is olive.

The Logic Behind Selecting Concealer Shades: You already know that a foundation needs to match your skin. It also applies to concealers, but you want to go for something 1 to 2-shades lighter than your foundation color for the under-eye area. It will illuminate the area under the eyes and lift your face naturally. A concealer that is a couple of shades lighter will also cover the blue or purple cast under the eyes and around the nose, making your skin look even.

If you’re looking for a foundation that will give you seamless, medium to full coverage without looking cakey, then the MUICIN Luminous Silk Foundation is the perfect choice for you. It’s available in three shades to match all skin tones and types. The foundation is oil-free and is formulated with exclusive Micro–fill and trade technology - which makes it seamless. 

You can pair this foundation with the MUICIN Luminous Silk HD High Coverage Liquid Concealer, which blends like a dream, brightens the under-eyes, and doesn’t leave streaks. These products are easy to order online, and you can get yours delivered to your doorstep by visiting the official MUICIN website,

The perfect foundation and concealer shade should look like your own skin, so figuring out the undertone of your skin and shade is extremely important. Now that you know how to find the right shade, buying foundations and concealers will be a piece of cake.

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